Show Page Template Column in Pages Table in WP Admin

Code that adds a new column in the WordPress admin pages table showing the page template assigned to that page. Also available as a free plugin.


ThemeForest Category Page Update And Why It Sucks For New Items

I have been an author on Themeforest since 2011. Haven’t released anything since 2017 because sales went down a lot, for everyone. But now it seems it’s getting worse.


Get Image ALT Attribute Using Attachment ID

Code that allows you to easily get the alt attribute value for images in WordPress based on the attachment ID. With some fallbacks in case the alt attribute for the image is not supplied.


Simplest Method of Getting Related Posts

There’s a lot of plugins available for this purpose but they do go quite deep when it comes to finding related posts. Here we’ll go over a simpler method, by getting posts from within the same categories.


Enable Gutenberg on Custom Post Types

Gutenberg is the new content editor in WordPress. But it’s not automatically applied to custom post types, they still use the classic editor. It might be automatically applied in the future but for now a slight code adjustment is needed.


Adding Custom Classes to the Body Tag in WordPress

How to add custom classes or remove existing classes from the body tag in WordPress.


Common Reasons For Theme/Plugin Conflicts in WordPress

Going over the most common reasons for theme/plugin conflicts in WordPress and how to avoid them in your theme or plugin.


Easy Digital Downloads – Restricting Comments Viewing & Submission

In this tutorial we’ll cover how to restrict viewing comments and submitting comments based on whether the visitor is a customer.


Easy Digital Downloads – Enabling Comments & Adding “Purchased” and “Author” Badges

In this tutorial we’ll cover how to enable comments functionality for EDD downloads and how to add “purchased” and “author” badges to the comments.