Hello World!

Ok, so let’s get the “Hello World” post out of the way for the one person that will actually read it.

My name is Slobodan. I am from Serbia ( Eastern Europe ). I’ve been a web developer since 2008 or something like that, I forgot, it was a long time ago. The End.

Ok, it’s not enough, the post looks weird with this little content. I’ll just put Lorem Ipsum text to fill it up. Or perhaps I should say a few more words about myself. Yeah let’s do that, not like it’s 3:30AM at the moment…

The Beginning

Our whole universe was in a hot, dense state. Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started, wait… that’s too far in the past *cue in cassette fast forward sound effect*.

I was a little kid when I got a Commodore 64 and that is when I tried programming for the first time ( basically just wrote some code from a book ).

No idea what I was making but I still remember sitting on the floor and typing some code on the Commodore.

A few years later I found something called GameMaker and that’s when I really started falling in love with programming. I remember a GTA2 ripoff game I was making, got pretty far with it, too bad that’s lost forever.

Just Deleted A Novel

I got carried away and wrote a very long article, and it wasn’t even 50% finished, so I decided to delete it all and keep it simple:

  • First programming experience on Commodore 64
  • Then GameMaker
  • And then came web development
  • TutsValley – Webdev tutorials
  • WPCanyon – WordPress dev tutorials ( someone got the domain recently, forgot to renew… )
  • Themeforest – About 25 themes in total ( invented page builder* )
  • CodeCanyon ( front-end page builder ), now Live Composer on WordPress.org ( no longer mine )
  • Here we are, Codismo

* Ok not sure if I invented it, but it was the first page builder on Envato Marketplaces, Visual Composer came a few months later.

That’s All Folks

Well that’s about it, my life summed up in 8 bullet points ( compared to the 10K words novel I deleted ). Welcome to Codismo, a place where I will publish web development ( mostly WordPress related ) tutorials and release some themes and plugins.

It’s 5AM… Time to put the website live and go to sleep. Did anyone actually read this post?

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