Simplest Method of Getting Related Posts

There’s a lot of plugins available for this purpose but they do go quite deep when it comes to finding related posts. Here we’ll go over a simpler method, by getting posts from within the same categories.

The Query

For category__in we use the categories of the current post, we make sure the current post is excluded with post__not_in and we make it a random order with orderby.

The reason for ‘no_found_rows’ => true is to speed up the query a bit, we’re not using pagination so no need for that.

Date Limitation

If you have a lot of posts then we can improve it a bit by excluding older posts. For example this is the code to exclude posts older than 1 year.

Posts With Featured Images

Generally the way related posts are displayed is with a featured image, so we can make sure to exclude posts that do not have a featured image:

Final Words

That’s all, quite a simple approach to get related posts.

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    • Cong Nghe
    • April 29, 2019

    Perfect tutorial, thanks a lot bro!

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